20 ways to wreck your car - and what to do instead

Small, basic steps can keep your car running longer -- and save you money

For Tesla's futuristic new Cybertruck, a fourth recall

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla is recalling its futuristic new Cybertruck pickup for the fourth time in the U.S. to fix problems with trim pieces that can come loose and front windshield wipers that can fail.

Circuits Where F1 Cars ARE NOT Fastest

Formula 1 cars ARE the fastest race cars on the planet, (apart from when they’re not). There are SOME tracks that Formula 1 are yet to conquer. So, we’re going to go over all of the major racing circuits that don’t have lap records set by Formula 1 cars and figure out if they could beat them or not. Because in a lot of cases - Formula 1 cars are NOT the fastest! 📹 All source footage can be found here 👉 📧 Get in touch with us: [email protected] 👉 Follow Driver61 on: - Instagram- @official_driver61 - - TikTok - @official_driver61 - 👉 Follow Scott on: - Twitter - - Instagram - @official_driver61 - 🛞 My Sim Kit: - Fanatec DD2: - SImlabs P1X Pro: #Formula1 #LapRecord #Motorsport

Lamborghini Urus SE Hybrid - 800 HP Super SUV

Lamborghini Urus SE: The first Plug-in Hybrid Super SUV. New design, 800 CV of power, over 60km range in electric mode, with best-in-class performance and top speed in its category Automobili Lamborghini opens a new chapter in its history with the Urus SE1, the first hybrid plug-in version of the Lamborghini Super SUV, Featuring a new design, optimized aerodynamics, unprecedented on-board technology and an 800 CV hybrid powertrain, the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) version moves on Urus S in terms of comfort, performance, efficiency, emissions and driving pleasure. Thanks to its “two hearts”, thermal and electric, the torque and power values are the highest ever, giving the SE a unique place in its category and boasting an 80% reduction in emissions. Unique in its category, the Urus SE offers greater torque and power at any rpm or driving condition. The system develops a total power output of 800 CV (588 kW) at 6000 rpm and a total torque of 950 Nm already available at 1750 rpm and up to 5750 rpm, ensuring best-in-class performance from every angle. This is also thanks to a further enhanced weight-to-power ratio: 3.13 kg/CV (compared to 3.3 in the Urus S). The Urus SE sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds (Urus S: 3.5) and from 0 to 200 km/h in just 11.2 seconds (Urus S: 12.5), reaching a top speed of 312 km/h (Urus S: 305 km/h). These figures make the SE the most powerful Urus ever and the fastest production car in the segment, setting a new benchmark in the Super SUV category. 🙏 If this video was useful to you, make a donation with the "Thanks" button or subscribe to support it: ⚡️ Discover ALL the new cars before anyone else! SUBSCRIBE now to ► 🔔 Don't miss the next videos: press the bell ((🔔)) to receive notifications 🖥 My website ► 🔥 JOIN: Membership link ►

How to Protect Yourself in 7 Easy Steps When Buying a Used Car

These tips will prevent frustration down the road and save you moneyBy Jon LinkovIt’s important to thoroughly check out any vehicle you intend to buy. Even one with a good reliability record can ...

2024 Audi RS7 Legacy Edition (1000 Hp) by ABT - Interior, Exterior and Drive

Audi RS7 Legacy Edition by ABT: Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 1000 Hp, 1150 Nm 0-100 (km/h): 3.0 s 100-200 (km/h): 5.4 s Top Speed: 320 km/h Special thanks to ABT

Great cars coming in 2024 and beyond

Take a look at all the cars, SUVs and trucks heading our way, whether they be electric or combustion powered

Deep concealment: searching for hidden narcotics in cars | To Catch a Smuggler

At the San Ysidro Port of Entry, CBP officers are diligent in searching cars for possible hidden narcotics. Enjoy a free trial of National Geographic right here: ➡ Subscribe: And check out more National Geographic series and specials here: ➡ Disney Plus: ➡ Hulu: ➡ NGTV app: ➡ ABC app: #NationalGeographic #ToCatchASmuggler About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Tenor: Deep concealment: searching for hidden narcotics in cars | To Catch a Smuggler National Geographic

This Windsor, Ont., family drove away in a new-to-them car, thanks to these students

For a family in need, having a car can make all the difference. The students at École secondaire catholique E.J. Lajeunesse gave one such family a refurbished 2011 Jeep Compass on Tuesday, completely free of charge. Now, it'll have a long second life as transportation for Ifeoma Ihedioha and her kids. Windsor Morning's Amy Dodge spoke with teachers Shelley Ryan and Antoine Labbé, students Cielle Levesque and Graziella Mocri and Ifeoma Ihedioha, who drove away in her new car.

Americans still wary of electric vehicle prices, lack of charging stations, AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds

Many Americans still aren’t sold on going electric for their next car purchase. High prices and a lack of easy-to-find charging stations are major sticking points, a new AP-NORC poll shows.

2023 Toyota Prius Limited - POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio)

Filmed by Daily Motor As tested: $37,494 MPG: 49 city / 50 highway Power: 194 hp / 139 lb-ft Engine: 2.0-liter inline-four hybrid Transmission: CVT Tires: 195/50/R19 0:00 Walk-around and interior 1:39 Underhood 2:31 Casual driving 7:25 Spirited driving 10:40 Highway 12:50 Wrap Visit us at and Get our videos delivered directly to your inbox with our magazine. Featuring car launch coverage, expert track driving tips, track car builds and more. New issues weekly and absolutely free! Subscribe: Wear headphones! The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. With headphones or earbuds on, you'll feel like you're actually sitting in the driver's seat. We upload new videos every week that give quick insight into what our weekly test cars look, feel, and sound like when they're being driven joyfully. If you haven't already, subscribe! Who we are: Winding Road Media presents automotive and racing products and information to car enthusiasts. offers products and services for car enthusiasts and racers. Our Racing Channel: Winding Road Magazine is a free weekly online magazine written for the car enthusiast, with an intelligent, entertaining perspective. Visit us at Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Ford Built an Electric Mustang Rally Car!

Let's drift with the top Rally car driver in the world at a Rally school! Ford Mach e Rally is here and it is a blast! My last ride with Vaughn in the one of a kind Ford Lightning Trucks: This video is not sponsored. Ford did pay for my flight, hotel, food and experience though. Check out our incredible drive Vaugh: @RTR_Vehicles@VaughnGittinJr Thanks to @KLWTTS for driving with me. What's Inside: Lincoln: Claire: London: Leslie: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: 00:00 Introduction 00:16 Mach - E Rally 01:17 On Road Testing 03:51 Rally Vs GT Differences 04:29 Dirtfish Racing School 05:01 Off Road Testing 07:20 Riding with Rally King Vaughn 09:15 Final Thoughts 10:17 Outtakes

America's most intriguing, enticing & unusual dashboards

The interior design of American cars has gone through many stages

Discover the new features of the Cayenne | Tutorial | Spot On | Into The Wild – Episode 3

With so many new Porsche Cayenne features designed to enhance your outdoor experience, you’ll be spending more time having fun and less time fiddling with your car’s controls. In the final episode of this special Spot On series, we check out the latest Cayenne’s features, including the brand new phone charging options, sunroof operation and even how to park your Porsche remotely using the Intelligent Parking Assist. 0:00 – Introduction 0:40 – Folding up the Porsche roof tent 1:25 – How to use the Porsche QR code login 1:51 – Using wireless charging 2:12 – Cleaning the rear view camera 2:46 – How to operate the sunroof and sunshade 2:59 – Changed control stalk motion 3:20 – Talking about the Cayenne’s curved display 3:43 – Explaining the Speed Limit Detection and Lane Assist 4:22 – How to quickly select your favorite radio station 4:36 – How to activate the Intelligent Parking Assist 5:11 – Outro If you are interested in having more information about the Porsche products, feel free to visit the Disclaimer: Not all models, services or equipment are available in all countries due to country-specific offerings, regulations and requirements. ► Watch more Spot On videos: Did Sabine's and Bijon's clothing catch your eye? Shop Porsche clothing and accessories at __ Taycan 4S Cross Turismo(WLTP): Electricity consumption combined in kWh/100 km: 24,8 - 21,4; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 0; CO₂ class: A; Cayenne (WLTP): Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km: 12,1 - 10,8; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 275 - 246; CO₂ class: G; status: 03/2024 Follow Porsche on Instagram: Like Porsche on Facebook: Follow Porsche on TikTok: Follow Porsche on Twitch: Subscribe to Porsche on YouTube: Visit the Porsche Website:

Christopher Bell takes the checkered flag on rain tires in the NASCAR Cup race at New Hampshire

LOUDON, N.H. (AP) — Christopher Bell raised a broom over his head and clutched a 24-pound lobster in victory lane all because he earned his third Cup win of the season in an outcome that would have been impossible before this NASCAR season.

Junkyard Discoveries from Ron’s Auto Salvage in Allison, Iowa

Enjoy our tour of one of America’s most interesting junkyards

Is the Porsche 911 Carrera a BETTER base sports car than a 2024 C8 Corvette?

The 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars from Porsche. On the outside you will notice the special color called Miami Blue, 20/21in wheels & sunroof. On the inside you will be greeted by leather sport seats, 10.9in infotainment screen and large analog tach. Powering the 911 Carrera is a 3.0L twin-turbo flat-6 that produces 373HP & is mated to an 8-speed PDK. Is the Porsche 911 Carrera a BETTER base sports car than a 2024 C8 Corvette? **Please click the link to get your Raiti's Rides Merch! videography: Steven Flood 🎥

EV rebate program changes

A big change to B.C.'s EV rebate program this week, as the province rolls back the prices of qualifying vehicles by 5-thousand dollars from $55,000 to $50,000. Industry experts say this could have major impacts on both consumers and the EV market. With more on this lets bring in automotive journalist Jeremy Cato from

The Triumphs and Disasters of nameplate revivals

Which revivals got it right, and which fell criminally short? We look at the most famous winners - and losers

1603HP HPT Audi R8 Twin Turbo 0-372KM/H Accelerations!

During SCC500 Rolling50 1000 and half mile, I have filmed this Audi R8 which has been tuned by HPT (Horse Power Technics) and now makes 1603HP due to it's twin turbo setup. Enjoy the video. 0:00 Arriving 1:22 Refueling 1:47 Engine warm up 2:22 Top Speed Run 1 2:53 Top Speed Run 2 3:35 Engine cooling down 4:46 Top Speed Run 3 5:35 Top Speed Run 4 6:06 Outtro Liked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and feel free to subscribe! Click the 🔔 bell to join the notification squad! This video does not contain any paid collaboration(s). This video does not contain any (free) products and/or services. This video does not contain any purchased products and/or services at a discount. If there is a paid collaboration(s), received products and/or services, purchased products and/or services in the video, this will always be indicated in the video description. Follow me: Subscribe: TIKTOK: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: #gumbaltv

Honda Filmed This Fantastic Documentary Back In 1962 And You Need To See It

A more perfect time capsule probably doesn't exist, from the editing to the music to the font choices.

Can-Am's Weird-Looking EV Car Isn't a UTV, But Maybe It Is

In the immortal words of Ryan Reynolds, "But why?"

Joe Gibbs driver Christopher Bell emerges as a NASCAR championship contender

LOUDON, N.H. (AP) — Joe Gibbs has fielded Cup cars for Denny Hamlin since 2005, got a decade out of Tony Stewart and is about to replace Martin Truex Jr., who has driven for the team for the last six years of a 21-year career. The Hall of Fame football coach and NASCAR team owner knows how to coax all the miles and years he can out of his elite drivers. Gibbs just might have a long — real long — contender in place to stick inside the No. 20...

The sports cars we totally forgot existed

Many sports cars are venerated, but these, not so much. Time to salute the fast cars time forgot

Just Say No to These Car Dealership Extras

Rustproofing. VIN etching. Extended warranties. Don’t get talked into these pricey add-ons when you buy your next car.By Benjamin PrestonYou may think the hard work is done once you’ve negotiated...

Canada to start 30-day consultation to impose surtax on Chinese EVs

OTTAWA — Canada accused China of undermining global trade rules and flooding the market with electric vehicles Monday as Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland kick-started the process required to impose new import taxes on Chinese-made EVs.

9:11 Magazine | Iron Dames – the first female team to win an FIA World Endurance Championship race

Seven endurance races, three female racing drivers, a pink Porsche 911 RSR and countless moments of adrenaline and emotion. Follow a season behind the scenes with the Iron Dames all-female racing team right up to their historic finale in Bahrain, where they made history. Buckle up and join the ride. __ Follow Porsche on Instagram: Like Porsche on Facebook: Follow Porsche on TikTok: Follow Porsche on Twitch: Subscribe to Porsche on YouTube: Visit the Porsche Website:

Confessions: The cars that are our guilty pleasures

We'd rather not tell anyone about this lot... but we can't resist

🤖 The Lurking Risks of AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS

🪖 Want to know more about the latest military tech? Don’t Miss Out! *SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL* 👉 —— 🤖 The Lurking Risks of AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS Delve into the ethical and legal complexities of autonomous weapons in warfare, exploring the benefits, challenges, and moral implications of entrusting machines with life-or-death decisions on the battlefield. 🎬 In this video; 📌 Explore the advantages and drawbacks of autonomous weapons compared to traditional human-operated systems. 📌 Examine the ethical concerns surrounding accountability, compliance with international humanitarian law, and the potential escalation of conflict. 📌 Learn about the ongoing discussions and efforts at the United Nations to address the ethical implications of autonomous weapons. 📌 Understand the importance of transparent communication and collaboration between stakeholders in shaping the ethical landscape of warfare. 📌 Reflect on the question: Should we embrace autonomous weapons technology, or do we need to rethink our approach to warfare? In this thought-provoking video, we delve into the profound moral and legal questions raised by the development and deployment of autonomous weapons in warfare. Join us as we navigate the complexities of this pressing issue and consider its implications for the future of conflict resolution. —— 🎥 Key Video Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction: The ethical dilemma of autonomous weapons. 0:34 - Definition and examples of autonomous weapons. 1:28 - Advantages of autonomous weapons. 2:14 - Challenges and ethical concerns of autonomous weapons. 3:42 - Potential for escalation of conflict due to autonomous weapons. 4:41 - Efforts to regulate autonomous weapons. 5:34 - Importance of discussion and collaboration. 6:00 - SUBSCRIBE TODAY! —— ⚙️ About the Channel At Interesting Engineering, our mission is to use storytelling to uncover the inner workings of the latest scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, cultural phenomena, and more. We don’t just bring you breaking news. We uncover the mechanisms that make these developments possible, transforming how you see the world of today to ensure you’re prepared for the world of tomorrow. 🔔 Stay tuned for fresh and exciting content as we publish new videos daily. Don't forget to subscribe NOW and hit the notification bell to never miss an update! *SUBSCRIBE NOW* 👉 #InterestingEgineering #AutonomousWeapons #KillerRobots #LAWS #AIandWarfare #WeaponizedAI #AIethics #ResponsibleAI #PeaceTech #StopKillerRobots #CampaignAgainstKillerRobots

Returning to the ONLY 1/4 Drag Strip In Alaska!

We had to come back to the most scenic drag strip in the world , Alaska Raceway Park. With the strip seemingly leading you to the base of Pioneers Peak, this is by far our favorite track to visit. When we first came here a couple years ago we knew it wouldn't be the last time. The unique stories we hear and people we meet here is just as amazing as the racing. With such a short racing season these drivers come out from all over the state once the snow melts to race and they have tons of cool toys! Top end no prep video: Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► ———————————————————————————————————— Watch more of our recent & related videos!: --- --- --- ———————————————————————————————————— MAPerformance your one stop shop for race car needs! ► Need BOOST? Grab a Procharger! ► Need more Power? Texas Speed has you covered ► ———————————————————————————————————— Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Snapchat ► Crew_1320Video

How women are shaping the future of the motoring industry

For decades, motoring and motorsports have been perceived as male-dominated spaces, attracting a largely male fanbase. But, increasingly, trends have shown how women are helping to shape the landscape, both as fans and even within car manufacturer businesses themselves. In the world of Formula One racing, tools like social media and globally-succes...

Is the 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special a muscle car WORTH it?

The California Special is back for the new generation of the Ford Mustang. On the outside you will discover 19in unique style wheels, special grill, stripes and badging. On the inside you will be greeted by a full leather interior with two-tone stitching. Under the hood is a 5.0L V8 that produce 486HP. **Please click the link to get your Raiti's Rides Merch! videography: Steven Flood 🎥

Ford recalls over 550,000 pickup trucks because transmissions can suddenly downshift to 1st gear

DETROIT (AP) — Ford is recalling more than 550,000 pickup trucks in the U.S. because the transmissions can unexpectedly downshift to first gear no matter how fast the trucks are going.

America's finest junkyard? Gems from L&L Classic in Wendell, Idaho

A look at some amazing old wrecks

10 Years of General Mayhem! Freiburger Last Pass at Bandimere Speedway! | Roadkill

Freiburger and Finnegan battle altitudes as they road-trip from Yellowstone Drag Strip to Colorado for the first and last pass of the General Mayhem at Bandimere before the longstanding Thunder Mountain track closes down. #motortrend #roadkill MotorTrend is the ultimate streaming destination for gearheads coupled with the latest automotive research and news. Get a fast, simple, and free car quote today ➡️ Start your MotorTrend Streaming Free Trial today! Follow MotorTrend for the latest! MotorTrend News: MotorTrend App: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: MotorTrend preferred music partner: PrimalHouse Music.

Honda RC213V MotoGP 2020 Marc Márquez vs F1 & LMP Racing Cars at Highlands

Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator Thanks for watching! #motogp #honda #f1 #lemans #racebike #superbike #racecar #supercar #hypercar #concept

Counting Cars: EPIC Muscle Cars & Hot Rod Transformations *2 Hour Marathon*

Check out these unbelievable car transformations in this WILD 2 hour marathon from Counting Cars. Watch all new episodes of Counting Cars, returning soon, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at #CountingCars Subscribe for more from Counting Cars and other great The HISTORY Channel shows: Watch more Counting Cars on YouTube in this playlist: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive HISTORY content: History Newsletter - Website - Facebook - Twitter - Most people in Las Vegas bet with chips, but Danny “The Count” Koker bets with cars. This Sin City legend walks, talks and breathes cars and bikes. When he sees a car he wants, he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on it—including making on-the-spot cash offers to unsuspecting owners. On the HISTORY series Counting Cars, Danny and his team restore, customize and sell cars in a hurry, scrambling to keep their Las Vegas shop in the black. From classics to exotics, from hotrods to choppers, Danny and the crew of Count’s Kustoms will stop at nothing to find and flip the greatest rides of all time. HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

Ranked: America’s most beautiful cars

Time to countdown the finest cars to ever come out of the US

Tunnel Running a 900BHP NASCAR!

The Stig’s secret subterranean lair is the perfect place to make a lot of noise with a lot of noisy cars. Welcome to Top Gear Tunnel Run. In the sixth episode of our series, our tame racing driver welcomes a full-fat, no-nonsense NASCAR racer. This one is a Dodge Charger that raced in the Cup Series – that’s NASCAR’s top tier – and was driven by former champ Kurt Busch. With 900bhp from a 5.9-litre V8 in a car weighing about the same as a Ford Focus, it’s the real deal. Beware: its angry, bassy V8 vacuums the air from your lungs at full revs. Join The Stig, and host Becky Evans, to not just hear a NASCAR race car, but literally feel it too… Top Gear Tunnel Run is sponsored by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Car: Dodge Charger NASCAR Engine: 5.9-litre naturally aspirated V8 Power: 900bhp Price: £100,000 Top speed: 200mph+ Noise: 132.4dB Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: WATCH MORE TOP GEAR: First Looks: First Drives: American Tuned ft. Rob Dahm: LISTEN to the Top Gear Magazine Podcast: Sign up for our newsletter: Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:16 Dodge Charger Walkaround 01:48 What is Nascar? 02:47 Nascar History 04:08 Tunnel Run 06:57 360 Sound MORE ABOUT TOP GEAR: Welcome to the official home of Top Gear on YouTube. Here you'll find all the best clips from your favourite episodes, whether that’s Ken Block drifting London in the Hoonicorn, Chris Harris in the latest Porsche 911 GT3 or classic Top Gear clips from Clarkson, Hammond and May. You'll also find the latest performance car reviews from the crew, our brand new series American Tuned with Rob Dahm and the fastest power laps from our in house performance benchmark: The Stig. This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback

One Tech Tip: Protecting your car from the growing risk of keyless vehicle thefts

LONDON (AP) — They appear like ghosts in the night, standing outside your house, one holding up an antenna while the other crouches next to the car parked on the driveway. Within seconds, your car is gone, yet another victim amid a surge in auto theft enabled by the technology designed to make it easier to unlock and start vehicles. Auto technology...

Electric vehicles are becoming easier to find in Canada, but not easier to afford

Electric vehicles are becoming easier to find at Canadian auto dealers, but they are still more expensive than most gas-powered vehicles. EV experts encourage drivers to consider fuel savings and provincial incentives as they mull over their next car purchase.

What has General Motors ever done for us?

With its damaging six-week strike now behind it, join us as we list all of the automotive inventions and conveniences brought to us by GM

Most Reliable 200K Mile Car? Let's Settle This!

The cost of owning a new car is incredibly expensive. Compared to a used car, car insurance, property taxes, depreciation, and required dealership performed maintenance can really add up. So, why buy a new car when you can own a highly reliable used vehicle that performs well and looks nice? I purchased all of the parts and fluids used to repair this vehicle. A big "thank you" to my friend Dustin for allowing me to use his vehicle for this repair, and thank you for supporting the channel! ➡ Thank you very much for supporting the channel through Patreon: ➡ Thank you for supporting the channel through memberships: ➡ An easy way to find past videos along with products tested: A big thanks to Jim for putting this together. ➡ Merch: ➡ Click here if you'd like to subscribe: ➡ As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ➡ Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order): Brake Fluid Tester: Vacuum Pump for Fluid Extractor: ¼ Inch Clear Tubing for Fluid Extractor: Step Bit for Building Extractor: 1-Man Brake Bleed Kit: Silver Paint for Hubcaps: Coolant Test Strips: Dielectric Grease: Permatex Windshield Repair: Spray On Ceramic Coating: Link to Maintenance Checklist (free): Videography Equipment: Canon EOS R6 Mark II: Canon 70D Camera: Azden Microphone: Go Pro Bundle: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results.


Subscribe to be the first to see new content! Check out our 100-200 GPS Scoreboard Check out our Brand Store: Instagram: AutoTopNL Facebook Fanpage: #AutoTopNL UK: Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company. We're not interested in eco & green (unless it's like, really superfast). Screaming exhausts, whining superchargers and blowing turbo's is what we want to hear! We review all sorts of performance cars. In the different playlists you can enjoy exhaust sounds, acceleration tests (0-100, 0-200) with launch control, onboard cams and the revving sound of each car. Exotic cars, hothatches, power sedans. We have it all! DE: Wir nehmen alle möglichen leistungsstarken Autos unter ein Lupe. In den verschiedenen Playlists könnt ihr ausreizende Sounds genießen, Beschleunigungstests (0-100, 0-200) mit Startkontrolle, onboard-Kameras und den hochtourigen Sound der Autos. Exotische Autos, sportliche Kompaktwagen und kraftvolle Limousinen. Wir haben sie alle! FR: A travers les différentes playlists, vous pourrez apprécier des bruits d’échappements, des tests d’accélérations (0- 100, 0-200), des caméras embarquées ainsi que le son à l’accélération des voitures. Des voitures de rallyes aux berlines surpuissantes en passant par des bolides hors-norme...nous avons tout ce qu’il vous faut ! PL: Testujemy i oceniamy samochody - w naszych playlistach posłuchasz dźwięku silników, obejrzysz testy przyspieszenia (0-100, 0-200) z launch control, kamerami wewnątrz kabiny i wibrującym dźwiękiem każdego samochodu. Egzotyczne auta, hothatch, sportowe sedany - znajdziesz je wszystkie tutaj! IT: Auto-Top è una società che si occupa di riprese e test drive. Non siamo interessati a macchine che consumano o inquinano poco (a meno che non siamo veramente veloci). Noi vogliamo sentire scarichi che urlano e turbo che soffiano!! Facciamo recensioni su ogni tipo di auto sportiva. Nelle nostre playlist troverai sound di scarichi, riprese onboard, test di accelerazione con launch control (0-100, 0-200) e il suono unico e riconoscibile di ogni auto. Supersportive, hothatches e berline cavallate.. Proviamo di tutto!! ES: Auto-Top es una empresa de pruebas y grabación de coches sincera. No estamos interesados en la ecología. Tubos de escape rugiendo y motores echando humo, es todo lo que nos interesa oir! Hacemos reviews de todo tipo de coches. En las listas de reproducción podéis encontrar desde sonidos del ultramundo hasta tests de aceleración (0-100, 0-200), cámaras a bordo de los coches, hasta el sonido de aceleración de cada coche. Coches exóticos, coches compactos, deportivos. Lo tenemos todo!

Meet The Tesla That Won’t Die: 430,000 Miles On One Battery! Episode 1 | 4K

What happens to electric cars when they get old? Rory hops in a Tesla with nearly half a million miles on the clock to find out. Find out what your car's worth on Auto Trader. We look at millions of vehicles every day to ensure your valuation is accurate: Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever. Compare expert car reviews and recommendations, and find your perfect car through our official YouTube channel. Auto Trader: Check back for the latest new car reviews on everything from SUVs to supercars, plus ✅ the latest car reviews ✅ car advice and explainers ✅ used and new car guides ✅ head-to-heads Subscribe for more from Auto Trader UK: Want to be the first to see our new videos? Enable notifications Looking for more inspiration? 🚗 • Auto Trader: • TikTok: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: • Pinterest: Auto Trader Limited (Firm Reference Number: 735711) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a credit broker and not a lender. Contract Hire is subject to status and approval and is only available to UK residents aged 18 and over. Vehicle must be returned in good condition to avoid further charges. You will not own the vehicle. Excess mileage charges and return conditions apply.

The most striking-looking Cadillacs ever made

Cadillacs represent a relaxed way of travelling in American style - here are those that did it best

Counting Cars: Epic DODGE CHARGER Surprise for Loyal Customer (S3, E21) | Full Episode

Danny decides to feature the 12 favorite cars in his collection in an official Count's Kustoms calendar, and later, a customer wants Danny to build him a classic Charger just like his dad used to have. See more in Season 3, Episode 21, "Charger Surprise." Watch all new episodes of Counting Cars, returning soon, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at #CountingCars Subscribe for more from Counting Cars and other great The HISTORY Channel shows: Watch more Counting Cars on YouTube in this playlist: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive The HISTORY Channel content: History Newsletter - Website - Facebook - Twitter - https://hist

Inside CAR FACTORY Producing the Powerful DODGE CHALLENGER - Production Line

Dodge Challenger Production 🇺🇸 USA Car Factory Plant. The production process of the Dodge Challenger at the Stellantis Brampton Assembly Plant, located in Ontario, Canada, begins with transporting sheet metal rolls to the stamping presses. The presses shape these sheets into body panels, creating components such as doors, hoods, and roofs. The formed body panels are then welded together by automated robots, assembling the vehicle's frame. The assembled frame undergoes a rigorous quality check using ZEISS measuring machines to verify tolerances. Next, robots apply sealant along the joints to prevent corrosion and improve the structure's durability. The body is then prepared for painting, going through cleaning and primer application. Painting robots uniformly apply the color layer, ensuring complete coverage, followed by a clear coat layer for gloss and paint protection. After painting, the painted body is subjected to a further quality inspection to ensure there are no imperfections. Next, the front headlights are installed, wiring harnesses are connected, and functionality is tested. The doors are mounted and precisely aligned, with all wiring connected and tested. The powerful 6.2-liter HEMI V8 engine is assembled and connected to the transmission and the vehicle's frame. The assembly process is completed with the installation of interiors, seats, and other final accessories. The finished vehicle undergoes a rigorous road test to verify performance and safety. After the road test, the vehicle receives a final cleaning and detailing for inspection. Finally, the completed Dodge Challenger is prepared for shipment, loaded onto transport vehicles, and sent to dealerships, ready to be delivered to customers. This meticulous production process ensures that every Dodge Challenger is built with high quality, reliability, and attention to detail, meeting industry standards. 🙏 If this video was useful to you, make a donation with the "Thanks" button or subscribe to support it: ⚡️ Discover ALL the new cars before anyone else! SUBSCRIBE now to ► 🔔 Don't miss the next videos: press the bell ((🔔)) to receive notifications 🖥 My website ► 🔥 JOIN: Membership link ►

Edmunds: The best performance cars for $65,000

The $65,000 milestone might seem like an arbitrary price cap for a list of excellent performance cars, but look carefully and you’ll discover that it’s a sweet spot for some of today’s most compelling performance offerings. Look upmarket from here and you’ll quickly be shopping in six figures without a meaningful gain in performance. And below this cost benchmark are some solid entry-level cars, but they offer far less performance. Here, then,...

Who benefits the most from electric vehicle subsidies?

Canada has been keen to find ways to get people into electric vehicles (EVs) and out of gas-guzzling cars that produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Governments have been using regulations and subsidies with the goal of speeding up the transition to EVs. David Akin has been investigating the pace of electric vehicle ownership across the country, and he looks at who is benefiting from the incentive programs.