101: Grilling Chicken

101: Grilling Chicken

When it comes to grilling, it can definitely be said to be a science on its own and per se. The majority of people might wrongly believe that grilling chicken is easy but truth is that it can be quite demanding sometimes

Chicken is definitely one of the most famous and loved barbecue dishes. This comforting food is great for smaller parties, and a true delight for you to enjoy with your closest friends or of course your family during the relaxing moments in the weekends.

In order to grill perfect, tasty pieces of chicken meat, you will have to do some research first and learn a few useful tricks and implement the following tips.


The key to successful grill is of course the preparation for the grilling. Firstly, this means you will have to set up your gas or charcoal grill for medium high direct heat as grilling at this heat that will allow you to a grill the most amazing chicken you have ever tasted.

Charcoal BBQ

If you are using charcoal make sure that you use enough briquettes to cover the grill plan in a single layer. Make sure you don’t use gasoline, as it may be potentially dangerous, and instead use a lighter fluid to help you make some solid and consistent fire, which will allow you to create a true little masterpiece and a tasty meal.


If, on the other hand, you choose to use a gas grill, make sure that you inspect the hooking up to the propane tank prior to the grilling. The line should be inspected for any signs of leaks or cracks as they might be potentially dangerous. Also, the control of all that is tightly closed and screwed and you should check to see whether everything is ok. Upon igniting the gas, you should turn on as many burners as you will need. If for some reason the gas does not ignite immediately, try turning off the gas control knob try waiting for a couple for minutes before trying again.

 The Chicken

Whatever meat you choose to grill, you will not make a mistake. People often choose to use chicken breasts, which taste absolutely delicious when grilled. Also, you can use thicker pieces of meat and even maybe slice them into half in order to allow them to grill better. The meat should be at a room temperature before grilling, therefore it should not be deeply frozen as it will ruin your BBQ.


Make sure that you season the meat prior to grilling it. Also, you can leave it overnight to season and gather all the lovely aroma from the spices and herbs. Use any spices and herbs you like, but make sure that you remember that basil and rosemary can never fail.


Grill on each side for about 6 minutes, this of course applies to sliced meat that you have removed bones from. If, however, you cook chicken with bones, it will take 10-15 minutes for each side.  If you decide for some reason to grill the entire chicken, it will probably take for as much as 60 to 75 minutes.



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