Electric vehicle startup, Canoo,

recently unveiled a new pickup truck

The model is called the American Bulldog

The global electric vehicle market, which exhibits remarkable growth year after year, is home to some players that cannot be ignored. They are the electric vehicle startups. What would be the most fitting description for these entities? Personally, I think they are entities that present vehicles developed based on innovative ideas, which cannot be found in existing companies, and draw their own visions.

The reason for bringing up the topic of electric vehicle startups is that the vehicle to be discussed this time is a pickup truck from Canoo, an American electric vehicle startup. This segment will briefly examine the new electric pickup truck, commonly known as the American Bulldog, which Canoo recently unveiled. What kind of features does this vehicle have, which feels unconventional from its name? Let’s take a look together.

American electric vehicle startup Canoo

unveils new electric pickup truck

Canoo, an electric vehicle startup based in Texas, U.S., recently introduced an electric pickup truck called the LTV Dual Cab, also known as the American Bulldog, and made headlines. This vehicle is a derivative model developed based on the vehicle Screaming Eagle, which Canoo previously supplied to the U.S. Army.

The difference from the LTV Single Cab is that it has a 4-door shape that accommodates up to two rows.

It’s an actual double cab, as the name suggests. There is no exact performance information about this vehicle yet. However, one thing for sure is that it boasts a performance far superior to the Single Cab, which boasts a maximum output of 600 horsepower and a payload of 1,799 pounds.

Expected to have at least 500 horsepower

Detailed information has not been disclosed yet

The American Bulldog, the LTV Double Cab model, will likely be supplied as a light tactical vehicle for the U.S. Army, just like the Single Cab. Of course, it will also be sold to general consumers. According to rumors, the model for general consumers is expected to have an 80kWh battery with a maximum output performance of 500 horsepower.

When unveiling the American Bulldog, Canoo was tight-lipped about detailed information such as performance and price. In response, industry experts have expressed that information will be disclosed in line with the vehicle’s launch date.

Canoo shows steady growth

Even contracts with NASA and the U.S. Army

Canoo is an American electric vehicle startup that has presented various electric vehicles that satisfy different lifestyles using a skateboard platform over the past few years. It may be somewhat unfamiliar to general consumers. Canoo’s actual value is revealed in the distribution industry. They have previously supplied nearly 20,000 Canoo vans to major U.S. retailers such as Walmart, Jeeba, and Kingbee.

In 2022, they also signed a contract with NASA, supplying vehicles for transporting astronauts and space equipment. They also achieved the feat of providing light tactical vehicles to the U.S. Army—Canoo, an electric vehicle company currently and expected to be promising. I will end this article by expressing great anticipation for the moves they will show in the future.

By. Lim Jung Hyuk

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