Singer ACS Off-Road Porsche 911 Bashes Through Sand, Steals Our Hearts

Only two were built, and both are owned by a person who loves to drive them hard.

New Audi S5 Sportback Caught Looking Pretty Under Camo At Gas Station

Plus, our spies spotted the facelifted Volkswagen Golf testing as a barely disguised wagon.

This Wild Audi R8 GT2 Is A $652,000 Race Car For The Road

Essentially a track car with a license plate, the ABT XGT packs 630 horsepower.

Here’s The Audi Q6 E-Tron Electric SUV Without Any Camouflage

These spy shots also reveal the swoopy Sportback variant.

Watch This 1000-HP Audi RS7 Warp Spacetime In 200-MPH Autobahn Run

It goes from a standstill to 196 mph in just over 22 seconds.

Toyota Urban SUV Previews Cheap, Small EV Coming To Europe In 2024

Built on a dedicated BEV platform, the subcompact SUV will offer two battery choices as well as front- and all-wheel-drive powertrains.

Fear of cheap Chinese EVs spurs automaker dash for affordable cars

By Nick Carey and Paul Lienert LONDON/DETROIT (Reuters) - The rise of inexpensive Chinese electric vehicles has upped the pressure on legacy automakers who have turned to suppliers, from battery materials makers to chipmakers, to squeeze out costs and develop affordable EVs quicker than previously planned. "Automakers are really now only turning to affordable vehicles, knowing they've got to or

The Alpine A110 R Turini Is A Four-Cylinder $114,000 Sports Car

The mid-engine coupe with Renault power gains a new version but it's not the most expensive.

Toyota Spends Three And A Half Hours To Inspect Each Century SUV

All the final checks are done by a single master inspector.

Automakers, dealers and shoppers dawdle on EVs despite strong year in US sales growth

Despite new electric vehicle market share and sales hitting a record in the U.S. this year, EV growth is starting to slow and fall short of the auto industry's lofty ambitions to transition away from combustion engines. The U.S. has reached a crucial milestone in its efforts to electrify: More than 1 million new EVs have been sold here this year, a...

The golden age of the rear-engined car

Millions of rear-engined cars roamed the globe in the 1960s

Freddie Slater named Autosport's National driver of the Year

Freddie Slater is the winner of Autosport’s 2023 National Driver of the Year Award.

Watch In Awe As a 1996 Toyota RAV4 Conquers 119 Miles Of The Mojave

This cute ute can handle some seriously rugged terrain.

VW Giving The Company That Makes The G-Class $492M To Develop Scout EVs: Report

Said to be developed by Magna Steyr, the electric pickup and SUV are expected to arrive by late 2026.

The Ford F-150 Is Now A Testbed For Army Autonomous Driving Tech

The builder selected the F-150 because it had enough room for the computers and its off-road capabilities.

This GR Yaris Has The Powertrain From A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

As if the normal GR Yaris wasn't rally-ready enough.

Factbox-Tesla's Cybertruck - top features and specifications

(Reuters) - Tesla's Cybertruck has caught the attention of many drivers with its polarizing design that promises a durable build and unique features. The electric pickup, however, enters a fiercely competitive truck market, with automakers trying to one-up rivals with utility and features. The Cybertruck has a unique trapezoidal exterior design inspired by the "Blade Runner" movie and

This Crash Test Of A 30-Year-Old Mitsubishi Shows How Far Car Safety Has Come

They don't make them like they used to? That's a good thing.

Ford Maverick, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, And Ferrari Hypercar Prototypes Spotted

These are all the coolest prototypes we spotted on the road testing this week.

Stellantis seeks to void California emissions deal with rival automakers

By David Shepardson (Reuters) -Chrysler-parent Stellantis said on Wednesday it is seeking to void a 2019 California emissions deal with rival automakers and it may face new compliance penalties from state regulators. The automaker said it was petitioning to overturn the California Air Resources Board (CARB) agreement to "relieve Stellantis of the competitive disadvantages arising from our

Exclusive-New leader of GM's Cruise acknowledges 'all-time low' amid safety review

By Greg Bensinger (Reuters) - General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle unit has hit an “all time low,” said its new leader, while promising to restore trust with regulators and the public after the company pulled all of its vehicles from U.S. roads. “Our integrity, our competency are being questioned and this really hurts,” said Mo Elshenawy at an all-staff meeting Tuesday, according to a

The 47-Year-Old Lada Niva Lives To See 2024 With Fancy Features Like ABS

ESP is also coming back.

The oddest cars ever sold

Join us to celebrate all the cars that dared to be different - and didn't always succeed

Autoworkers strike cut Ford sales by 100,000 vehicles and cost company $1.7 billion in profits

DETROIT (AP) — A six-week United Auto Workers strike at Ford cut sales by about 100,000 vehicles and cost the company $1.7 billion in lost profits this year, the automaker said Thursday. Additional labor costs from the four-year and eight-month agreement will total $8.8 billion by the end of the contract, translating to about $900 per vehicle by 20...

Ford Taurus, Dodge Caravan Live Again In 1995 Detroit Auto Show Retro Video

Revisit a time when minivans were aplenty, sedans were still popular, and the Chrysler Cirrus was car of the year.

See 3 Future Cars In Spy Shots For The Week of November 13, 2023

This week we saw upcoming Audis and a BMW EV

12 of 2003’s high-performance star cars

Ford Maverick Spy Shots Suggest High-Performance Model On The Way

New spy photos capture a prototype with big wheels, emissions testing gear, and camouflage wrap on the front and back. Could this be a Maverick ST?

This Gorgeous Porsche 911 Restomod Has A Carbon Body And Five-Stage Dampers

It's an absolute jaw-dropper.

20 of the greatest ever Ferraris

2 Auto Stocks That Could Roll Higher in 2024

Magna International (TSX:MG) and another auto play are beaten down and could have huge upside once the economy turns. The post 2 Auto Stocks That Could Roll Higher in 2024 appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

Never Before Seen Toyota Concepts Include Sporty Shooting Brake And Bug-Like Hatch

It's a shame none of these concepts made it to auto shows when they were new.

20 cars that make us feel nostalgic

We’ve all been overcome with nostalgia at one time or another. It can strike without warning, like a bolt of lightning, and spark lost or buried memories. Sometimes, a single flash can illuminate an entire period of our life. Nostalgia hits us when we discover a faded family photograph, whiff a long-forgotten smell, or see an old car model idling at the intersection, one that we recognize from the streets of our childhood. The following 20 vehicles hark back to bygone eras. Take a drive down memory lane in these old-time beauties and beasts.

Rally-Themed Audi R8 Is Ready For Jumps And A New Owner

This customized R8 has a lifted suspension and skid plates, making it perfect for dirt roads and other messy adventures.

What Do You Want To Know About The Rivian R1S?

We're spending the next few days in Rivian's electric SUV. What do you want to know about it?

Toyota Thinks Hydrogen Can Save Sports Cars With Combustion Engines

Plus, the Audi RS E-Tron GT might be boosted to 750 horsepower.

2024 Kia EV9 EPA Range, Efficiency And Pricing Overview

Compared to the Kia EV6, it consumes roughly one kilowatt-hour more per every 10 miles.

28 rarest Renaults

GM's Cruise To Relaunch Driverless Robotaxi Service On A Smaller Scale

The GM unit will also cut some jobs.

Turn Your Classic Mercedes 280SL Into A Gorgeous EV For $135K

The prettiest 300-horsepower electric car you’ll ever drive.

Electric Nissan Juke And Qashqai Will Be Inspired By 'Hyper' Concepts

The electric Juke will be influenced by the Hyper Punk study, while the Qashqai EV will take inspiration from the Hyper Urban concept.

Let This Lancia Stratos Replica Be Your Affordable Key To Rally Greatness

This auction is a realistic way to have a street-legal rally icon parked in your driveway.

PHEV Review: 2024 Volvo V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered

The 2024 Volvo V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered is a vehicle that requires quite a lot of explanation. Breaking apart its ridiculously long name helps: Volvo you know, V60 means the small wagon, T8 eAWD because it’s the plug-in-hybrid powertrain with electric all-wheel drive, and Polestar Engineered because it’s surprisingly fast. In keeping with Volvo tradition, this car is completely unthreatening when parked next to an overly aggressive BMW M...

Wild Toyota Starlet Racer Has A 1,000-HP 2JZ Powering The Front Wheels

It can get through the quarter-mile in just over nine seconds.

Bourdais: Cadillac “still really green on knowledge” of GTP car

Cadillac Racing’s GTP star Sebastien Bourdais admits it still has much to learn about its V-Series.R machine going into this week’s IMSA-sanctioned group test at Daytona.

Hot Hatch Comparison: 2024 Toyota GR Corolla vs Honda Civic Type R

There’s quite some intrigue in the 18 th letter of our Latin alphabet. Italians tend to roll it, the French tend to drop it, and carmakers love using it in names for their hottest models. Fun fact: the letter R has been referred to by some etymologists as the littera canīna, so referencing its often-trilled spoken sound reminiscent of a growling dog. But neither of these hot hatchbacks in our test are dogs — not in the pejorative sense of the...

The 2024 Porsche Panamera Has A Wild New Active Suspension

The third-generation sedan arrives with a revamped cabin layout, up to 670 hp, and a starting price of $101,550.

VinFast VF8 Scores 4 Out Of 5 Stars In Euro NCAP Crash Test

It’s the first time a major crash-testing organization put the Vietnamese EV under the microscope.

You Can Own This Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Pretty Bertone-Bodied 1954 Aston Martin

The unique Aston could bring between $1.2 million and $1.6 million at auction.

Edmunds tests the best automotive hands-free driving systems