These aging models also get an assortment of design tweaks.

Better late than never, Mazda is finally giving the 2 and CX-3 a much-needed infotainment revamp to replace the old setup it’s been using for ages. Both the supermini and subcompact crossover are switching to a new 8.8-inch system providing connected services. However, it's still a tablet atop the dashboard rather than being neatly integrated. This change concerns the 2024MY products in Japan but we're hoping it'll be implemented globally.

The 2 and CX-3 were among the last models to use the previous-generation infotainment, which you’ll still find in the 6 midsize sedan/wagon and the MX-5. Rumor has it the rear-wheel-drive sports car is about to get a facelift (ND3) with an updated multimedia system, which might just be this 8.8-inch display. However, nothing is official at this point.

Previously known in Japan as "Demio," the 2024 Mazda2 is technically the previous-generation model since the Zoom-Zoom company has been selling the newer Toyota Yaris-based Mazda2 Hybrid in Europe for a while now. Switching to a new infotainment means the B-segment hatchback is going to stick around for a while, even though it's going to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. Beyond the new infotainment, it also receives an assortment of funky accents.

The CX-3 is just as old, having been around since 2024. Mazda USA dropped it after the 2021MY but it's still available in some markets even though the company has been selling the CX-30 since 2019. In Japan, the revised model gains a Vivid Monotone special edition with cosmetic tweaks and an improved version of the 1.8-liter diesel engine.

In its domestic market, the 2 is scheduled to go on sale in late December whereas the CX-3 will be launched in February 2024. Mazda offers both with gasoline and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions, along with front- and all-wheel drive.

Mazda Or Toyota?

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