We've all seen videos of Mustangs, Corvettes, and Camaros crashing on their way out of a car show. Big power, rear-wheel drive, and an inexperienced driver is a bad combination. But as this video from Supercar.fails shows, even all-wheel drive can't always save you from yourself.

In it, an Audi R8 driver gets on the throttle before he gets the car fully straightened out, resulting in a tank-slapper. Based on the wild slide, we'd assume that traction and stability control were disabled for this attempt at showing off. Either way, despite countersteering, the driver doesn't have enough space to recover from the slide. He hits a curb, hard, and scrapes a small tree.

As the camera shows the damage, a voice that we assume belongs to the driver says, "I had zero control."

The R8 is able to dismount the curb and drive on, but the contact with the tree scraped up the side of the V-10 supercar. It's unclear if there's any damage to the suspension or underbody, though that wouldn't be surprising given the impact it took on the curb. Either way, it's a costly mistake, and a cautionary tail for anyone who thinks all-wheel drive is an excuse to push their luck on a public road.

Via Autoevolution.

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