Mazda’s First-Ever CX-90 Fosters a Meaningful Connection to Driving

Its all-new SUV embodies a future focused on design, engineering, and craftsmanship built around the human form.

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20 things every enthusiast should do before kicking the bucket

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I Missed Out on My Dream Car as a Teenager—Then Found It Parked in My Driveway 25 Years Later!

What are the odds of me being reunited with the very car I'd coveted a quarter-century ago? The post I Missed Out on My Dream Car as a Teenager—Then Found It Parked in My Driveway 25 Years Later! appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

25 classic Q-cars

2024 Chevy Camaro Bows Out with Blacked-Out Collector's Edition

With special paint, stripes, and badging, the package costs between $4995 and $5995 for the standard trims and $14,995 for the supercharged 650-hp ZL1.

All-female auto mechanic shop helps women build confidence

Girls Auto Clinic is an all-female auto mechanic shop that helps women get their hands dirty and build confidence by stepping out of their comfort zone. TODAY’s Bobbie Thomas goes under the hood to try her hand at car repair.

Pack These Essential Items in Your Car for Severe Rain

Raining like cats and dogs? These must-haves will help keep you safe on the road.

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50 Ford-powered cars you've never heard of

Over the years dozens of independent car makers have used Ford engines to power their cars… Here are the best

30 Rules Every 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Needs to Know to Win

The wheel is much heavier than you'd think, so better make that practice spin count!

Evolution Space, the car that promises to last 50 years

The Space, Evolution's signature electric car, represents a 'unicum' in its sector. It is in fact a circular economy car, i.e., one that can be used for as long as possible without creating waste and at the same time allowing its owner to save some money.Space is obviously a car that winks at the environment, which is why it is equipped with a battery with a range of 750 km that reaches 600 km in just five minutes.The electric powertrain is a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery made up of standard modules.

12 Surprising Ways to Use WD-40

Who knew WD-40 had so many versatile and unexpected uses to make your life easier?

NFI Group signs deal with TTC for up to 621 battery-electric transit buses

2023 IOMTT: Birchall Brothers Break 120 MPH Sidecar Speed Record In Race 1

The unstoppable brothers Birchall broke the record on the way to claiming their 13th career Sidecar TT victory.

GM to invest more than $1 billion to produce new heavy-duty pickups

Despite GM's commitment to exclusively offer all-electric vehicles by 2035, the company continues to invest in traditional vehicles such as heavy-duty pickups.

The cars with the largest engines ever made

As the motor industry embraces downsizing, we look at all the cars from past and present that headed in the other direction

Ford and Tesla Charging Agreement

Ford EV owners will soon be able to use the vast Tesla charging network. The agreement between the two rivals is the first of its kind in the industry.

Axed! The interesting cars canceled at the last moment

Car makers spend a fortune developing new models, but not all of them make it to the showroom…

Kawasaki Presents The Noslisu Electric Cargo Bike In Japan

Available in three configurations, Noslisu makes use of Kawasaki's tilting three-wheeler technology.

The most interesting facts about samurai that you never knew

Samurai are one of the most popular and recognizable types of warriors from history. Countless books, movies, and TV shows have been made around the hundreds of stories that revolve around the ancient warriors of Japan. While everyone knows about the samurai code, the swords, and the armor, there was a lot more going on within this warrior class that served as the protectors of Japan for more than 600 years. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about these legendary warriors.

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2024 Mazda CX-90 Review: A Good Alternative to Luxury SUVs

Mazda’s CX-90 is the brand’s new three-row crossover, and it’s the clearest signal of the automaker’s intention to move upmarket.

Norway BEV Sales: Over 80% Of New Cars Were All-Electric In May 2023

Every fifth new car was a Tesla Model Y.

Notable North American police cars, from straight-six to all-electric

You'll not want to try outrun these, despite the noise (or lack thereof) that comes out the back

What if Hitler had won World War II?

The hypothetical Axis victory of World War II has been the subject of many fiction works, including several books. But what would have likely happened to the world if the Allies had lost the war? What would come next, after Nazi Germany claimed victory? In this gallery, we explore hypothetical scenarios in a world where the Third Reich took over. Click on to find out what could have happened to the globe's nations and their people.

Legend or Lemon? The intriguing AMC Pacer

A look at one of the most interesting American cars from the 1970s

Charging Remains Biggest Hurdle To EV Adoption In The US

Even with infrastructure growth and deals to get folks' attention, some new EV buyers may still require some convincing.

YouTuber Explains Why He Got Rid Of His Volkswagen ID.4

After two years of ownership E For Electric was left underwhelmed by Volkswagen's electric crossover.

Beta Gives Its 2024 Enduro Range Minor Tweaks

Small enhancements could translate to big performance gains on the trails

MotoGP schedule 2023: Dates, start times, TV channels and how to watch every race

All the details on the MotoGP schedule for 2023, including race dates and how to watch.

Next-Gen Volkswagen Tiguan And R-Line Trim Spied With Different Noses

VW puts obviously fake tailpipes on both of them.

Member of Erik Jones' pit crew 'awake and alert' after 'head-on' collision during Enjoy Illinois 300

Thomas Hatcher, the front tire changer for Erik Jones' No. 43 team, was transported by ambulance to a local hospital after going down in Stage 3 of Sunday's race.

The sneaky way automakers are keeping car prices high

Automakers are using a variety of tricks to limit how much inventory they have sitting on dealership lots, even as supply chain shortages ease.

30 cars of the British royal family

Tesla Model S Plaid Recaptures EV Lap Record at The Ring

A Track Package-equipped Plaid ran a lap in 7 minutes 25.231 seconds

GM's Mary Barra: Tesla's Lead Temporary, No Profitable Mass-Market EVs

The GM CEO says she doesn't see profitable $30,000 to $40,000 EVs by the end of the decade.

Watch A Studebaker Champion Coupe Get First Wash In 42 Years

The owner wants to fix it and make the car a daily driver.

Why Tesla cars get totaled so easily

Insurers are increasingly writing off a Tesla even after light damage due to their complexity, cost, and wait times for repairs.

Evans had to be a 'roadblock' to secure Jakarta FE podium

Jaguar’s Mitch Evans said he was forced to be a ‘roadblock’ in order to hold on to a podium finish in the Jakarta E-Prix.

9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

GM Investing $1B Into Michigan Plants For New Combustion-Engine HD Pickups

Flint Assembly and Flint Metal Center will get upgrades to handle GM's next-gen truck lineup.

History’s strangest Indy 500 racers

The Right Gear to Wear and a Proper Motorcycle for Adventure Touring

Alpinestars’ new ADV Touring Gear is perfect for a mountain trail ride on a Kawasaki KLR.

Legendary guitar brands with iconic looks and sounds

Legendary guitar brands with iconic looks and sounds

The 2024 BMW 5 Series Gets EV Variant, On-Board Video Games, and an Eye-Controlled Driving Assistant

And in the grand tradition of new BMW sedans, the 5 Series offers a new version of iDrive and a more complicated version of VANOS.

GMC Hummer EV And Cadillac Lyriq Recalled For Potential Power Loss

We're not likely to see this wave of EV recalls going away soon, but it's the nature of the situation. New cars bring new issues.

The five fastest electric cars to lap the Nurburgring - but is Tesla back on top?