Things aren’t going great at Ferrari right now. The team is still trying to recover from Mattia Binotto’s resignation, The Prancing Horse is fourth in the constructors and struggling to keep up with Mercedes and Aston Martin, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are having friction — and everything feels like it could explode at any moment.

It’s important in times like this to gain a new perspective. In this case, one that’s totally upside down.

Charles and Carlos put on “Vango” goggles, which flips everything you see upside down. It’s a disorienting, bizarre move right before race — and a little more odd considering they played tetherball right after this.

Judging from the camera we’ll presumably get video of how it went soon, but for now we have to appreciate how happy Charles looked right before their game.

Then how sad he was when it was over.

When you put on goggles to get a new perspective, but everything is still terrible and you’re dying inside.

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