Montrealers are all too familiar when it comes to traffic in the city. Toss in construction, potholes and the bravest of cyclists, and it's as if we practically invented rough road conditions. Well, turns out that when it comes to the worst traffic-ridden cities across Canada, Montreal is not No.1.

Now, we're just as confused as you are, considering we've had our fair share of rage moments on the 40 or the Decarie highway, and can be triggered by neon orange at any given moment. However, Toronto takes the cake for the worst traffic in Canada.

Inrix, a data and software analytics company that provides real-time traffic conditions, road safety and parking availability released its 2022 Global Traffic Scorecard report measuring overall congestion and hours lost due to traffic. When condensed to Canadian cities, Toronto managed to top the list.

According to Inrix, Torontonians lost a total of 118 hours in traffic, which makes it the seventh-worst city across the globe when it comes to traffic.

Montreal ranked second with a total of 72 hours lost to traffic (33rd globally). In terms of other Canadian cities, Vancouver came in third with 59 hours lost to traffic, followed by Winnipeg (48 hours), Calgary (20 hours), and Edmonton (7 hours).

Inrix' traffic report also indicated a four percent increase in road collisions across Canada in 2022, making it clear that road and traffic safety also remain a major concern.

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