Patrick Reed won the Masters, the biggest prize in golf, back in 2018. He celebrated by buying a 991-generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which he ordered in a dark green through Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. More than four years later, a car matching all of those details has surfaced in a Copart salvage lot in Houston.

As The Drive first reported, the car on the Copart lot sure looks a lot like Reed's. While it is possible another GT2 RS in the color exists, the green is unmistakable. Yellow accents inside and out match the green primary paint, mirroring the colors of Augusta National but avoiding the specific shades used by the course. The car landed in Houston, the nearest major metro area to Reed's listed residence in The Woodlands, Texas. Add the location and spec to the fact that just 1000 991-generation GT2 RS examples exist and the odds the car belonged to anyone else start to get very low, very fast. Road & Track has reached out to Reed's team for comment, but his camp has not immediately responded.

Whether or not the car ever belonged to Reed, the car never made it out of the break-in period. The GT2 RS had just 361 miles when it was listed with Copart, who noted primary damage to "all over." A significant impact to the right-front corner is visible in both what remains of the car's bumper and the windshield, with the impact continuing down that side and knocking the right-rear suspension out of alignment. Airbags have deployed throughout the cabin, while the engine cover and rear wing are missing. Even in this condition, though, it is still a 1-of-1000 GT2 RS; the car sold at auction on Tuesday for $132,000.

Patrick Reed is among the most high-profile defectors to the newly-founded LIV Golf tour. He has not won a major tournament since his 2018 Masters victory, but he finished fourth in the 2023 Masters earlier this month.

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