Hell's Gate is one of the most challenging obstacles in Moab, Utah, capital of the off-roading world. Climbing the smooth, undulating rock face is the ultimate test of man of machine, one that many drivers and motorcycle riders can't conquer. That's why we're so impressed with this rider and their Yamaha R6.

Video published by the CboysTV YouTube channel shows a brave rider attempting—and nearly achieving—a climb up Hell's Gate with their 124-hp Japanese superbike. Aside from a set of all-terrain tires, there don't seem to be any modifications beneficial to rock-climbing. Yet the rider is able to make it most of the way up before eventually laying the bike down in front of a crowd of dumbfounded onlookers.

"Man you were so close, [you] might need to get an R1 and try again," one comment on Instagram reads. "I am so amazed that the oil pan held up for this," says another.

The R6 doesn't make it up smoothly, of course. The lack of long-travel suspension and ground clearance means it's constantly bouncing around as it claws its way up the rocks, the rider doing their best to balance themselves using their feet. We're impressed.

The climb up Hell's Gate is just one of several ill-advised off-roading ventures this Yamaha gets into. The rider and his crew also take it through the mud and on some higher-speed dirt track. Looks like a fun time to us.

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